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Chalk Art

Donald M. Campbell, Jr., Twentieth Century Narrative-Surf Fishing, 1935. Pastel on paper. Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia. Gift of Estill Curtis Pennington in memory of Sewell Brumby and in loving gratitude for William S. Morris III, Mary Sue Ellis Morris, Louise Keith Claussen and Robert John Kuhar.

Born in Detroit, MI in 1897, Donald Campbell Jr. attended Yale University and traveled throughout Europe and Asia. Twentieth Century Narrative-Surf Fishing was drawn while the artist visited the Gulf Coast. This bright summer beach scene was created using chalk pastels.

Make Crushed Chalk Art

Supplies: Paper



Crushed Chalk (I just placed a piece of chalk on paper plate and crushed it with a hammer)


  1. Draw a picture on your paper

  2. Cover the lines of your drawing with glue.

  3. Pour chalk over your drawing, make sure to cover all the glue

  4. Shake off the excess


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