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DIY Paper Easter Basket

Materials for the Easter Basket Craft

  • Glue or Tape (Scotch Tape or Double-sided Tape)

  • Scissors

  • Markers, crayons, or colored pencils

  • Easter basket cutout template

Easy Easter Basket Craft Step By Step Directions

1. Print the free download. (We printed on white cardstock, and colored it; but you can print on colored paper.)

2. Color your basket, egg, and grass.

3. Cut out all the pieces.

4. Fold all the dotted lines on the basket piece.

5. Put a small dab of glue (or use tape) on each of the basket tabs.

6. Fold the basket together to make a box, and press the glued tabs down to hold it in place.

7. Next, glue the grass and press it to the inside of the basket.

8. Next, fold the bottom of the egg, add glue and press it to the bottom of the basket.

9. Then put a small amount of glue on both ends of the basket handle.

10. Finally, press the basket handle onto the ends of the basket and your done. That’s it!

Side note: For fun, fill the basket (around the egg) with small Easter candies.


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