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Don Cooper & Compass Painting

See Don Cooper's artwork on view at the Morris Museum until August 1st.

Don Cooper, Point of Origin, 2007. Acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of the artist and Sandler Hudson Gallery.

This series had it’s beginning as a digital image that I created while working on a design for a mosaic floor commission for Concourse C in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. A portion of the design was a circular shape that was blended from a light edge to a darker center. I was attracted to this image and isolated it and manipulated it to have a central point or dot in the center. This image inspired many other digital and painted artworks.

During study of and travel in India, I often noticed the presence of a central dot in Indian painting and sculpture. This dot or point is known by the Sanskrit term bindu and represents the sacred point of origin and return. I was fascinated with the idea of such a small, simple image symbolizing such an important concept. . I begin these paintings by locating the center of the composition. Concentric circles radiate from this point and represent eternal cycles of cosmic evolution and involution and a link to the Whole. The process of creating these works is experimental and experiencial, as well as ritualistic and meditative. - Don Cooper Artist Statement

Compass Painting







  1. Put your paintbrush in the compass, as you would a pencil.

  2. Use the compass/paintbrush to create perfect circles like Don Cooper!


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