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George Andrews was a folk artist who was also known as "the Dot Man" because he painted

squiggly dots on just about anything!

Two pictures of George Andrews when he was a young man, and a picture of lots of things he painted on gathered together and displayed in an art exhibition.

Bowling Pins? Shoes? Rocks? How about a purse? These are just a few examples of the items George Andrews painted on. Sometimes George would paint a picture of something funny, or of someone he knew, but sometimes he would paint on anything he had laying around. He would decorate regular household objects with painted squiggles, shapes, faces, and dots-- always, lots of dots. Some people in Madison, Georgia, where George Andrews lived said that if you left your shoes over at George Andrew's house you could expect them to be painted the next time you saw them!!!

The pictures above show us details of four George Andrews paintings. Look all all those different dots. Do you think you can do something like that?

We turned a cup, rock, AND a stick, into George Andrews inspired art! How's it look?

"OH NO! A SNAKE!!!!!!"

Try finding a special spot to give a home to your newly painted objects.

Folk artists like George Andrews found ways to make even the most plain items around them reflect their own unique vision. Giving a colorful new life to an old object is a great way to make your world more creative.


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