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Explore Space with Cheryl Goldsleger

Cheryl Goldsleger is currently exhibited in the 1st floor gallery of the Morris Museum of Art. Goldsleger exhibits her work nationally and internationally with her most recent exhibition Vast Scale-Intimate Space included in the European Cultural Centre’s 2019 Venice Art Biennale exhibition during the 58th Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy. She is the most recent Augusta University Morris Eminent Scholar in Art.

Cheryl Goldsleger, Coalescence, 2019. Mixed media on linen. Courtesy of the artist.


“My interests lie in the relationship individuals and societies have with place, location and boundaries. I address these ideas using abstract visual language that pursues a sense of tension and seeks to suggest a human presence. The differences and nuances of how space is perceived versus how it is understood conceptually are two of the underlying ideas in my paintings.”- Cheryl Goldsleger

To explore how space can be perceived two dimensionally and three dimensionally we will be making a triskele globe, using a print of Goldsleger's painting.


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