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Folk Art in the Jungle

The Morris Museum of Art has a brilliant collection of southern folk art. Folk art is art that is made by those with no formal training and no adherence to contemporary or art historical trends. Lonnie and Twyla Money have several pieces in the Morris Museum collection. Their artwork centers on animals both big and small. Use our templates to create your own folk art jungle creatures. Share you art at the #morrismuseumoart

Lonnie and Twyla Money, Untitled, undated. Painted wood and mixed media. Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia.

Lonnie and Twyla are a married couple who farm cattle in Kentucky and work out of a milking barn they converted to a studio. The Moneys are known for their finely carved and whimsical depictions of both domestic and wild creatures, creating wondrous pieces ranging from smaller ornament-sized pieces to life-sized carvings full of character and playfulness.

During Lonnie’s earlier artistic pursuits, he would carve many small animals, paint them, and show his family and friends. His audience reacted with delight and confusion, as his carvings displayed the amazing detailing and scale still present today, yet the colors he chose were very odd and unflattering. This was when Lonnie discovered he was colorblind. During this period in the early 90’s, Twyla began assisting Lonnie, expanding their output and taking over most of the painting responsibilities. They have been co-creating over fifteen years, producing the highly distinguishable and finely crafted carved and painted animals for which they have become well-known.


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