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Still Life Drawing at Home

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

When Andrew John Henry Way painted "an Abundance of Fruit" around 1875 he would have sourced all the fruits and arranged them together in a way he thought looked nice-- showing off his ability to paint their color, texture, and size. We can use his painting as inspiration to gather any fruits or vegetables we might have around the house for a drawing. You can get creative and add anything you think will make a good picture as long as it doesn't move. Get it "Still Life?"

After getting our objects together we decide how we might arrange them. We took a picture and drew from our computer monitor at the kitchen table with crayons and scrap paper. You can even convince your young artists to bring their art materials with clip boards outside to work "en plein air". #stayathomewiththemorris #kidsart #Artprojects #homeschool #drawingassignment

Andrew John Henry Way (1826 – 1888)

An Abundance of Fruit

Circa 1875

Oil on canvas

22 x 30 inches

A masterpiece!

We had fun letting the littlest one color in the fruits and vegetables as we drew them!


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