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Hunt Slonem the Bird Man

Hunt Slonem is known for his patterned canvases filled with birds. His subjects are often based on his own personal aviary in which he has kept 100 different species over the years. Then use our printable template to cut, fold, and color your own 3D paper bird. Share your feathered friend at #morrismuseumoart

Hunt Slonem, “Orioles”, 2012. Oil on canvas. Gift of Margaret Evangeline. Morris Museum of Art, Augusta. Georgia.

If you've ever traveled to the popular Bryant Park in Manhattan, you might have seen the 6ft x 86 ft bird filled mural painted by Slonem in 1995. Slonem's art career took off in the 1970's. He was part of the vibrant artistic scene in 1970s Manhattan. His friends have included Andy Warhol, Liza Manelli, and Truman Capote and many others. In 2010 Albert Maysles directed a feature length documentary about Hunt Slonem's life.

"My fascination with bird life started when I was a child living in Hawaii. I became mesmerized by them. I'm drawn to their colors, their forms, their songs, their mystical qualities and how they affect the areas of the world that they're in. Over the years, I learned about how many thousands of species there are of the same type of bird and I'm still learning. There is also a completely spiritual aspect to to them. They are seen as the messenger of the gods and are vehicles of divine information." Hunt Slonem, Forbes 2017

  1. Cut along the solid black lines

  2. Fold along the dotted lines

  3. Glue along the grey labeled areas


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