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Lillie Morris at the Morris

Come see Water Works and exhibition of recent artworks by Lillie Morris open until January 31, 2021.

The study of art has been a lifelong pursuit for Lillie Morris. Morris was born in Augusta, GA in 1954 and pursued her art degree at Augusta College in the 1970’s.

She is best known for her acrylic, collage and mixed media paintings, Lillie also occasionally works in cold wax and encaustic. She specializes in abstract art, both representational and non-representational. Her paintings, whether collage, acrylic or a mixture of mediums reveal a love of texture, color and

Lillie Morris, Coming Up For Air, 2019. Acrylic

and mixed media on canvas. Courtesy of the Artist.

experimentation. Richly layered and with her own vocabulary of gestural marks and linear elements, Lillie strives to convey the emotional impact of her source of it the landscape, music, poetry or deep personal experiences. Lillie enjoys creating visually stimulating images that leave the subject open to the viewer’s interpretation.

Lillie is inspired by the landscape, waterways and rich history of the Piedmont region of Georgia. Her studio is located in rural Columbia County, GA. and the short walk from her house to her studio is filled with the sights and sounds of nature, taking her alongside a creek, a pond and across a pasture where goats graze in the distance.

Make Abstract Art With Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol

Supplies: Sharpies




Draw a design with your sharpies, drip rubbing alcohol over the canvas, you can smear it with your paint brush, or make splotches, tilt the canvas to make streaks, your can also let the alcohol dry and apply more marker, and start over!


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