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Make a Cardboard Bouquet

April showers have brought May flowers, and the Morris Museum of Art has a beautiful floral still life to share with you. Scroll down to learn how to make your own bouquet using supplies you can find at home.

Martin Johnson Heade is considered on of the most important American artists of the mid-1800's. His artwork focused on landscapes and still lifes. Heade was fascinated with South America and traveled there four times during his life, exploring islands and rainforests, and creating his famous paintings of orchids and hummingbirds.

In later life Heade lived in St. Augustine, Fl. He painted the salty marshes and southern botanicals that surrounded him. The Morris Museum of Art is proud to display one of his iconic magnolia blossom paintings, which is similar to the stamp that the US. Postal Service commissioned based on Heade's painting of magnolia blossoms.

If your garden is looking a little bare. Use what's around you to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Today we're utilizing cardboard tubes, but you could use plastic bottle, egg cartons, and so much more. Share your finished project with us at #morrismuseumoart

Supplies Needed:

  • one toilet paper cardboard tube

  • one paper towel cardboard tube

  • scissors

  • hot glue or a strong glue

  • pipe cleaners

  • paint (optional)


  1. Gather supplies needed for the project.

  2. Flatten toilet paper roll as in the photo above.

  3. Cut the top and bottom of toilet paper roll. You will now have two rectangles.

  4. Cut the stems for the center of flower about 1/8 wide as in the photo.

  5. Roll the cardboard so that the stems curve outward and glue along the edge to keep from unrolling.

  6. Cut 16 circles about 1/2 inch wide from the gift wrap tube.

  7. Glue about 5-8 circles to the flower center as in the photo above.

  8. Glue the next 5-8 eight circles in between the “petals” already glued into place.

  9. Insert the pipe cleaner through the bottom of the flower to form the stem. You will need more than one to hold the weight of the flower

  10. Optional* You can paint these flowers, to create a pop of color


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