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Melinda Moore Lampkin

Born and raised in Detroit, MI, where her father worked in a steel mill, Melinda Moore Lampkin got her love of fabric and design from her grandmother and four great aunts in Alabama. She would visit them every summer and watch them quilt. The colors and patterns became the love of her life.

Moore Lampkin studied interior design at the Tuskegee Institute where she met and married her husband. They moved back to Detroit where she raised their four children.

Melinda Moore Lampkin, Feelin’ Blue, 1989.

Collage. Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia.

In 1977 the Lampkins moved to Augusta, GA. Melinda first displayed her artwork at the Wallace Branch Library in 1988, then at the Arts in the Heart of Augusta festival in 1989, where her work was judged Best of Show. Now over 30 years later Moore Lampkin is in several museum collections, including the Morris Museum of Art.

Moore Lampkin uses found objects and the material at hand to create her collages from fabrics and paper. In Lampkin's art, her grandmother's quilting is transformed, now creating scenes from both her distant African past and her vibrant American present. "I'm black and that's the experience I have...but I think other can respond to it spiritually."


Use cardboard. scissors, glue, fabric, and paper to make your own collage mannequin


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