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Pet Portraits

During these last few weeks we have gotten to spend lots of quality time with our pets. The Morris Museum of Art has many artworks featuring our furry friends, but the most iconic is Sometimes I Feel Like a Blue Dog by George Rodrigue. If you were to draw or paint a portrait of your pet how would you show off their personality? What is your pet’s favorite thing to do while stuck at home? Share with us at #morrismuseumoart

George Rodrigue, “Sometimes I Feel Like a Blue Dog”, undated. Silkscreen. Courtesy of the Estate of George Rodrigue. Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia.

Painter George Rodrigue turned his spaniel-terrier, Tiffany, into a southern pop icon with his blue dog series. The image was even on Louisiana’s 2016 “I Voted” stickers.

This drawing depicts staff member Tori Bell’s cat (Nala) enjoying some catnip.

(Tip: To draw fur, layer lots of thin lines on top of each other, and vary the shades throughout)

This drawing depicts staff member Tori Bell’s cat (Nala) demanding to be served her meal.

If you need help getting started here are some templates with basic dog and cat shapes.


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