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Portrait in Place Challenge

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Frank Wright, The Artist in His Studio, 1977. Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia. © John Franklin Wright, Jr.

In the self-portrait The Artist in His Studio (1977), Frank Wright shows us his workspace and gives some insight into his creative practice. Sitting in the midst of his tools and supplies, he looks back at us and makes us feel like we are there in his studio. We can even see the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery across the street through the single-pane windows.

With most people sheltering in place, we thought this painting from our collection would be the perfect inspiration for your own self-portrait—in a special space in your home that best defines who you are. Think of it as a portrait of your space as well as a portrait of you.

There are no rules for carrying out this challenge. Draw from life using a mirror, take a photograph, use your computer—whatever works for you.

We've also challenged some of our friends, coworkers, and fellow artists, and we will be uploading photos of their work on this page.

Send your self-portraits—both in-progress and finished—as well as your questions to


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