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Here's another fun project inspired by the cool cars in the exhibition LUSTER: Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile and Motorcycle Painting. We had planned to host some collectible cars in our parking lot for the associated Artrageous Family Sunday, but because of the ongoing stay-at-home orders we thought we might share this derby car project. Here's what you'll need:


Check out this stop-motion animation Tori made with our cars!

Let's get started!!!

*If your artist is too young, you may have better results folding the flaps for them-- but save the glueing for them!

*This step works best with assistance from a hot glue gun if available-- and remeber even low-temp hot glue guns should be operated out of reach of children.

TIPS: We found the template worked best when printed on cardstock and allowed us to paint, collage, and get extra creative. Folding and gluing the car may be the trickiest part, so with that in mind, be prepared to help your budding artist with these steps if necessary. Additionally, if you don't have stir sticks available look to substitute pencils, straws, or even thin twigs to connect your wheels-- modifiying the size of the holes to accomodate the width of your material.


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