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Sponge Paint Like Hutty

Use a sponge to create an impressionistic painting like Alfred Hutty.

Alfred Hutty, Path in a Southern Garden, undated. Oil on canvas. Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia.

Alfred Hutty was a painter, printmaker, and stained glass designer who is known primarily as one of the principle artists associated with the Charleston Renaissance. Hutty and his family lived in Woodstock, NY but every winter from 1919-1951 they would winter in Charleston, SC. Through his paintings, prints, and support of the arts community (he was president of the Charleston Footlight Players) Hutty helped to promote the revitalization and preservation of Charleston, SC between WWI and WWII. Along with Alfred Hutty artists like, Elizabeth O’Neill Verner, Alice Ravenel Huger Smith, and Anna Heyward Taylor helped to champion the preservation of historic buildings and spurred the rise of art institutions like the Gibbes Museum of Art.

Hutty's artwork did not focus on sharp lines or minute detail, he was almost impressionistic in its approach to painting. You can achieve a similar effect by using a sponge instead of a paintbrush. Just dab the paint little by little and let the sponge create texture.


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